Patte Kayne

ART - like life - builds layers and nuance into the creative storytelling of time


Drawing with the lowly crayon is one of my first creative memories, but I soon moved on to more sophisticated tools.  Paint, pen & ink, pencils - yes, please! I was also absorbing sewing & other needle arts from both grandmothers, my mom, and others.


Art & drafting classes from high school to college opened up a Pandora's box of opportunity.  Those college drafting classes led me to my first professional art job as a technical illustrator.  The skills learned in layout & production art are still used today.


In 1987,  I discovered decorative painting and immersed myself in learning all I could about painting.  My first teacher encouraged me to also seek out other teachers and introduced me to the Society of Decorative Painters where I achieved my Certified Decorative Artist award in 2006.  


Recently, I have been incorporating mixed media into my work to add yet another layer to my story